The technical guide

General Information

Event Overview

Cycling BC, Bicicletta, and all of our sponsors and partners, are proud to present the BC Provincial Criterium Championship. This single day criterium event will be held on June 15, 2019 at Jonathan Rogers Park, Vancouver, BC.


Jonathan Rogers Park is located in the heart of Vancouver, BC. The address is: 110 7th Ave Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L7

The Course

The course will be held on a fully closed and secured 800m circuit. There is a mix of fast fast sweeping down hill corners with a mix of challenging uphill climbs for the back half of the course and solid burn to the finish with plenty of room for attacks and moves from the pack.

The Course

Event Information

Race Staff

BC Provincial Criterium Championships
Nic Tickner

Finish Line Services and Results

Race timing will use EV chip system, with chips mounted on the bike. Please bring your Spring Series/WTNC chip if you have one. There will be a $5 chip fee for new chips.

Results will be posted on the results board following each race. There will be a 15 minute time period for a claim to results.

Position Level Name Province
Technical Delegate Cycling BC Cycling BC Representative BC
Chief Commissaire Provincial A Gary Leung BC
Assistant National Elite Marko Rosic BC
Panel Member Provincial A John Evanochko BC
Panel Member Provincial C Brian Anderson BC
Panel Member Provincial C George McClaughlin BC
Registration and Number Pickup
  • Online registration closes on July. 26 at 11:59 PM PDST
  • On site day of registration will be available and open from 11:00 AM
  • Registration requires the presentation of a valid CC/UCI or Cycling BC citizen license to be considered final.
  • Sign-on and number pickup will close 30 minutes prior to the start of all races.
Inclement Weather
  • Race held rain, snow, or shine
  • NO refunds
  • In the event of unsafe weather (e.g., lightning or high wind) on race day, race officials may delay or cancel racing.
Race Headquarters, Awards/Podium Location, Media

Results will be posted at the Results Boards near the Registration area following each event. Awards ceremonies for each wave of racers will be held at the noted times in the race schedule. All podium finishers are expected to be in attendance.

British Columbia Criterium Championship Rules
  • The BC Provincial Criterium Championships will take place on date and time as scheduled.
  • There will be no extension of the Championships past Saturday, June 15 due to unforeseen delays or prolonged stoppages. In case of stoppages, priority will be given to "championships" class. Racing format may also be modified at the discretion of the President of the Commissaires Panel in response to prolonged stoppages.
  • Medical problems should be reported to a commissaire
  • Athletes participating at the 2019 BC Provincial Criterium Championship events requiring the use of a medication included on the Prohibited List must have a TUE prior to participating in the event. This applies to all categories of athlete: elite, junior, master, etc. To obtain forms and TUE requirements, athletes are encouraged to visit the TUE Wizard,
  • The event(s) will be run under Cycling BC/Cycling Canada/UCI rules.
  • All racers must have a valid Cycling BC license.
  • Categories with fewer than 4 starters may be merged with another age or ability category at the discretion of the Technical Delegate or President of the Commissaires Panel for the start, but will receive awards separately.
  • Equipment regulations to be enforced for ALL championship categories. There will be NO exceptions.
  • Approved helmets are mandatory for training, competition and anytime you are on a bike.
Doping Control

All races are conducted under UCI anti-doping regulations. It is the riders and team manager’s responsibility to know the rules

  • The BC Criterium Championships are open to BC residents who hold a valid Cycling BC race license.
  • Any resident of BC, regardless of citizenship status is eligible to win the Provincial title and Provincial Championship podium positions and medals.
  • Prize money (where applicable) will be based on order of finish at the Provincial Championships, regardless of citizenship or nationality.
  • Should a racer who places among the top three overall finishers in a championship category be not eligible for the championship title (i.e. not a Cycling BC member), a podium presentation will take place based on order of finish of the race and a second podium presentation based on the provincial championships results of eligible BC residents will follow.
  • Proof of residence may be required (this includes driver’s license, permanent resident card).
  • All athletes must be in possession of a valid UCI or BC Provincial race license
  • All participants must be licensed to compete in the appropriate discipline.
  • All participants must be prepared to present their license upon demand at the event.
  • Domestic licenses from other countries or within Canada are not permitted for Championship categories.
  • No one day event licenses will not be eligible to race.
  • License must be presented during race package pick-up.
  • Race day registration will be available until 30 min prior to race start.
  • All competitors MUST enter their event class as shown on their license.
  • The categories are defined as per UCI rules based on year of birth. Your racing age for the Championship is the age you would be on Dec. 31, 2019.
  • Any inquiries about upgrades should be directed to Cory Ostertag at
  • Athletes are not considered registered for an event until all administrative requirements have been fulfilled :
    - complete the application form,
    - sign the waiver,
    - payment has been transacted,
    - riders license has been validated by the designated commissaire.
Specific Technical Requirements
  • The event(s) will be run under CC/UCI rules. All riders must know the rules.
  • The BC Championships shall be governed by Cycling BC.
  • Equipment regulations, as per UCI Rules, to be enforced for ALL senior categories. There will be NO exceptions.

Staging and Start Protocol

All Categories

Call ups for all categories will be based on the first 8 spots will be based on the results from the previous years BC Provincial Championship results. When multiple categories are starting at the same time. Results will be posted separately.

Warm-Ups/Pre-Riding the Course
  • The course will be open for warm up at 11:30am on June 15, 2019
  • Warming up on the course while a race is in progress, or at any other unauthorized time, is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification. Please respect the other racers by not warming up immediately behind the last place rider in the ongoing race.
  • Helmets must be worn AT ALL TIMES when riding the course & failure to comply will result in disqualification.
Race Schedule
Category (NC=Non-Championship)Start TimeTime(min)Field LimitPurse
WARM UP MASTER WOMEN, 3/4 JR11:15am1580Merch Only
CAT 3/4 JR MEN NC11:30am45 +5 LAPS80Merch Only
MASTER WOMEN A, B, C (& 3/4 NC)12:30pm45 +5 LAPS80Merch Only
WARM UP A-D MEN (interview champs)1:45pm1580Merch Only
MASTER C, D MEN2:00pm45 +5 LAPS80Merch Only
MASTER A & B MEN3:00pm60 +5 LAPS80Merch Only
WARM UP ELITE (interview champs)4:30pm15
ELITE 1, 2, 3 WOMEN4:45pm60 +5 LAPS80Cash 5 Deep ($2,000 total)
WARM UP ELITE (interview champs)6:00pm1580
ELITE 1, 2, 3 MEN6:15pm75 +5 LAPSCash 5 Deep ($2,000 total)
Lapped Riders
  • The event(s) will be run under CC/UCI rules. All riders must know the rules.
  • The BC Championships shall be governed by Cycling BC.
  • Equipment regulations, as per UCI Rules, to be enforced for ALL senior categories. There will be NO exceptions.
Pit Area
  • One large pit is located in the finish straight 100m prior to the finish line.
  • Only riders and riders’ mechanics/assistants may be present inside the Pit Area during the race.
  • Please remove your equipment out of the pit area immediately following your race.
  • Championship Races: UCI equipment rules apply
  • Riders are required to wear club or team jerseys corresponding to their license.
  • Independent riders are required to wear a jersey with no significant logos, team names or advertising displayed on them.
  • Sleeveless jerseys are not permitted.
  • The use of glass containers is strictly prohibited.
  • Bicycle helmets are required to be worn by riders on or off the course at ALL times. riding a bike
Race Numbers and Timing Chips
  • Race numbers and timing chips will be distributed at registration.
  • Please use your current Escape Velocity Spring Series/Tuesday Night timing chip if you have one.
  • Chip placement will be on the seat post.
  • Numbers must not be folded or modified and must clearly show all advertising.
  • Numbers must be completely visible at all times during the race..
  • Number placement will be displayed at sign-on.
Championship Jersey and Podium

A Provincial Champion jersey will only be awarded to Provincial Championships Title categories.

Championship Categories

The following categories are official British Columbia Championship Categories:

Elite Men
Elite Women
Master 30-39 Men / Women
Master 40-49 Men / Women
Master 50-59 Men / Women
Master 60+ Men / Women

Amenities, Safety, etc.

Race Services and Amenities

Team Tent area is available on the field of Jonathan Rogers Park nearby the Registration and See course map, above. Washrooms are available at the corner of 7th Ave and Columbia St..


There is ample free street parking in the streets North of the event, there is also a large parking lot on the corner of 4th and Columbia.

First Aid and Medical

A team of trained medical staff will be in place during the event, with primary location near the Registration / Team Tent area. The area is served by 911 service.

The nearest hospital with full emergency/trauma capabilities is:
Vancouver General Hospital
899 W 12th Ave,
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport is the Vancouver International Airport